Getting From the Airport to the Speaker Hotel/Venue

Getting to Vienna from the airport


The cheapest and quite convenient way to get to the city by train.
OEBB runs reginal train (S7) every 30 minutes to the city center.
Additionally there are also long distance trains that will stop
at the main train station.

There are red ticket machines in the main arival area as well as
at the train station and tickets cost 4.30 euro normaly and 1.90 euros
if you already have a ticket for the vienna city area itself.

“Express” Train

Additionaly to the normal trains thaere is also a sometimes slightly
faster option called “CAT” or “City Airport Train” that leaves on different
plattforms (depending on the connection it might also run a minute longer).
For that the tickets cost 11 euros one way / 19 euros return ticket.
The main advantage that this might give you is that with such a ticket
on the outbound connection it is possible to check in your luggage in the
city center (and in some cases even on the evening before), see


There is a bus service (VAL/Vienna Airport Lines) with 2 lines that might be
intressting for getting to the Speaker Hotel and/or the Venue from the airport,
VAL 1 and VAL 2.
The advantage here is that it runs 24/7 if required, however like the CAT it is quite
expensive at 9 euros oneway/15 euros return.


Of course you can also take a taxi, however they tend to be quite expensive (mostly >= 36 euros),
though it can be more affordable if booked in advance.

Getting to the Venue with public transport

You can find public transport maps at,
the “On The Fast Track” map might be the easiest for a quick overlook as it contains all underground and local
train connections.
(note that part of the U2 line is currently served by a replacement tram U2Z)

The next underground station to the venue is “Karlsplatz”, the nearest tram station is “Resselgasse”.

If you come from the airport via S7 or CAT, you can take the U4 for 2 Staions, from the main trainstation
you can take U1 for 2 stops.

The speaker hotel is next to the Station “Volkstheater”.
Here currently the easiest way is to take tram number 1 to get to the venue.
(Normally U2 would also be an option, but since this currently only runs as a replacement service U2Z in this area,
taking the tram might be more convinient.


Some options that might be intressting:
Normal 1 ride ticket: 2.4 euros
Weekly pass: 17.10 euros
“8-day Climate ticket”: 40.80 euros
24/48/72 hour tickets: 8/14.10/17.10 euros
Online ticket shop:

Some notes:
The weekly has a validity period from 0:00 monday to 09:00 on the the following monday and
if bought as a paper ticket is transferable, if bough electronically it is bound to one person.

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